TILT: Things I Love Thursday!

September 6, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday
  • The annual Rathmichael Fete – I purchased so much crap I don’t need – it was awesome!
  • The Souch is moving back to Dublin from Sligo. Muchos fun and games will again be had.

  • Soulboy – Big shout out to the Beeb for showing this fab movie of an otherwise dull Saturday night. Bonus points for being part of my favourite genre – Peoples expressing their emotions through the medium of dance to find true love.
  • The Pink Cafe in Bray. The owner is such a legend he keeps the place open late just so I can sit around and drink tea and large quantities of caca deas millis.
  • Lifts home off the radio rentals when I’m coming home late from work.
  • Emails from lovely people, and having the time to write lengthy replies.