TILT: Things I love Thursday!

August 31, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday

I was having a particularly bad start to my weekend after a dismal week in work. I crawled into the cave (aka the sitting room with the permanent blanket) to wait for time to pass. But then, as if by magic, the most lovely Ms Make Lovely called over. It was just what I needed to tempt me out of my hideout. Within moments I was reminded that life isn’t so bad…

This week I am grateful for:

  • Snoopy’s Fair (iPad app), and the wonderful photo booth, as documented by the talented milliner The Crafty Fox (as showcased in top photo)
  • Watching Jaws at the outdoor cinema in Grand Canal Dock
  • The Tall Ships – it was a wonderful excuse to get out of the house, and looked especially grand at night
  • Dr Sketchy’s – I won a tequila shot in the first round! I havn’t been in a while, but I will most definitely be back again next month.
  • Kings of Concrete – Every year I leave and want to buy rollerblades and build a half pipe in the back garden. The spray painting this year was incredible with some really beautiful, detailed and skillful work on show including Loki Nom Art. Making me see street art in new, interesting innovative ways – I shall be cracking out the spray paint imminently.
Loki Nom Art

Loki Nom hard at work

  • One of the women in work came in today with her 4 week old new baby girl – she was so delicate and beautiful! Congratulations to them both!
  • Chillin’ in the kitchen with the G man.
  • Ma belle soeur…
  • The Fall of Womenland – A fascinating documentary about one of the last matriarchial societies left in the world. Their families revolve around the mother and extended family rather than on relationships with men and marriage. For thousands of years they have lived sexually free lives, with ‘walking marriages’, but now with westernisation encroaching, their lifestyles are under threat.