TILT: You may remember such blogs as The Masquerade Asylum, and Sweeter than Ben & Jerry…

October 18, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday

Having spent my entire monies on junk food, rent and college fees, I’m down to my last few coppers already. For the remainder of the month I shall be a recluse, emerging only for Halloween and tea.

Between the free ice cream and the party, I am reminded of previous blogs that have fallen away over the years and without note. Hopefully third time’s a charm…

  • I was invited to the most delightful going away party in Killiney. The dress code was masquerade black tie and the congregation looked sharp. I stenciled lace across my face as a mask, since glasses are total agro in these situations. It wasn’t as defined as I would have liked, but time was as always getting on so that was it. Since my ipad didn’t fit in my handbag, I have no photos from the entire night. If it’s not on Facebook/Instagram it didn’t officially happen, so I stole the above photo from the honouree himself. There was music (Heathers) and drinkies (Lidl’s finest) and dancing (Destiny’s Child) and beautiful people (you know who you are).


  • So I get in at early o’clock from the fun and realise that there are no photos from the evening. I wanted to get Kandi in the photo too, so spend god knows how long trying to get her to stay still and look at the camera and also not look drunk and hold the iPad at arms length and try to aim… After 63 photos, my bed was calling me and the above photo was the only salvageable one amongst them. #fail
  • Kandi Pants is on the mend and running around like she’s on fire.
  • I was given two tickets in work to Jesus Christ Superstar but couldn’t go so gave them to two people I’d never met via Facebook. Felt good to be able to do something nice for strangers.


  • The Pink Cafe Another delightful afternoon with tea and scones.


  • The Crafty Fox has been crafting together a model of the Titanic. It’s been interesting…


  • As a friend of mine reminded me, I used to have a blog called ‘Sweeter than Ben and Jerry’, named after a line in a Q-Tip song ‘Vivrant Thing‘. Ben & Jerry’s sent me their latest flavour ‘The Vermonster‘ and it’s hands-down my new favourite ice cream in the world. Don’t try it, you’ll only like it…