TILT: Pow! Pressies, PaperDolls and The Pink Cafe

September 20, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday


Work is a little up in the air at the moment so now is an especially important time to remember the wonderful things in my life, and the people that make life what it is.

  • Pow! My new comic book jumper – Penny’s finest
  • PaperDolls at the Fringe Festival. Read my full review of the funsies here.
  • Bruxelles on Harry Street. I had forgotten what that place was like.
  • I feel like some kind of proximity to other Burning man attendees will make the likelihood of my own attendance more imminent.


  • The Pink Cafe – this place has been popping up a lot of late. It’s still my magical place. (see pic above, and entry below)
  • The iPhone app Snapee. It’s some kind of supa-Kawaii version of instagram that allows you to add all kinds of crap to the picture. It’s changed my life. (See sample work above)
  • Serendipitous session in Keith’s with my favourite people.
  • Surprise college related pressies from Flash! Is it a Nancy Drew book? No! It’s a notebook to take lots of important and college related notes, complete with Nancy-style illustrations!
  • The artist Kathrina Rupit (KIN). She combines spray paint and acrylics with recycled materials to create different textures, and after seeing her art at The Kings of Concrete I was hooked. Then I met her at a party and now I am obsessed!