TILT: Lady parties and how to avoid Guinness on Arthur’s Day

October 4, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday

I’m always reading article after article about how to get organised and more productive. While they have been useful, I’m beginning to realise that I can’t be organised 100% of the time. Sometimes I need to allocate or allow myself dead (hangover) time, because that’s what I’m going to do, whether it’s penciled in to my schedule or not.

  • Star chic party I began my Arthur’s Day drinking prosecco here, surrounded by fashionistas and beauticians (read more about that here). Not a pint of Guinness in sight, and 5.59pm came and went without so much as a mention of Martha.


  • Guinness avoidance tactic #2: College First class with the knowledgeable Dena Walker could not be missed. Also one must note that I was not in any way drunk for this class. Not one bit…


  • Venus DeVilo in The Twisted Pepper after class (still on Arthur’s Day). 14ish people in a small room. One is singing, one is taking her clothes off, one is selling hats, and one is just super excited to be a part of the whole experience (and possibly out of the house). Venus is a singer/songwriter who performs gently disturbing songs about ex-boyfriends, hating Twilight, and the circus. It was like being at a gig in someone’s kitchen, without the Dutch Gold. Glad I went – consider my mind was expanded.
  • Andrea McCullagh’s leaving party (see top pic). Andrea’s off down under to a new life and career. Andrea was the person who encouraged my writing more than anyone else, and without her I would not be writing this. We drank and toasted (repeatedly) before an emotional end to a wonderful evening.
  • The 84N – this magical nightlink got me home in jig time compared to the other 7N/fightlink. I’d tweeted twice, managed to tune in to Q102 and barely cracked into my burger by the time I was home. Unheard of when you live out in the sticks as I do.
  • Recovery Day. I did literally not one thing on Saturday, and it was awesome – once the hangover had subsided that is.


  • The Beauty Show One word – Stargazer. I may have gotten a little carried away by all the goth funsies from the brand that gives me Asha flashbacks. Contrary to popular belief, I was really into dance music when I was a teenager, then hip hop/RnB and I was about 22 the first time I was ever in Fibbers. It is possible that I am playing out an un-realised youth through my indulgences in multicoloured hair and goth-inspired make up, but that’s probably for a qualified therapist to decide…


  • Taxi After an odd and empty beginning to the weekend, Sunday also began at a snails pace so by the time I was leaving town I was short on time and caught a taxi with my sister. We applied the goodies from the beauty show and decided to hold a photoshoot in the back seat. Then I messed around with the Decopic app and may have gotten carried away, again…


  • Lucy’s belated birthday party I got together with my girlies for an evening of X Factor judges houses results and more food than you can shake a remote at.
  • Random act of kindness works out well So I got a new monthly travel card, and there was still one day left on my weekly card, so I gave it to a man standing at my bus stop. As it turned out, this man’s car had just broken down and he had no idea how to get to work, which was in the same direction I was travelling. We chatted the whole way about life, businsess and the internet, and it was a lovely way to start my week.


  • Impromptu lady party with the ladies in St Bernard Cornelscourt. I bought a load of crap I needed like a hole in the head (electric toothbrush, feather headband). But the craic was 90…
  • Tunes I’ve been stalking The Staves, Azealia Banks and Rebecca Creighton this week.