TILT: Culture and College and that time we went shopping and didn’t buy anything

September 27, 2012 in Things I Love Thursday

I can feel the wind changing. Taking the time each week to list the things I’m lovin’ like a two dollar whore puts me in the moment. If I focus on the future it sort of means I’m not happy with the present. So the plan is – work on loving what’s going on right now in my life, and how can you loose?

  • Shopping in Cornelscourt with the G Man (pictured above) and fun Noodles (who was accessories shopping at the time of the picture taking). I’m not sure what made it such a hilarious expedition, perhaps it was my dad constantly trying to leave after only five mins, and my mom’s obliviousness? Also the realisation that after all that, we still hadn’t any real food for the house, only Frosties, Diet Coke and an avocado.
  • The Ferocious Little Gallery– my newest project – I’m opening a pop-up gallery on Thomas Street. This is going to be to the most fun experience ever. I’m already getting stuck into the planning and I have approx 4 million ideas. Yay!

  • Culture night I love this as an idea. Town was jammers with peoplings. I spent the evening chillin’ with my sis, checking out The Back Loft and La Cathedral Studios, Zozimus and Kevin Sharkey’s on Frances Street.

  • Super goth/fantasy movie/TV time. So far this week we’ve watched Labyrinth(with the drool-worthy David Bowie above), The Wizard of Oz, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the BBC version), and we’re having a major Warehouse 13 marathon to fill in the gaps. The Adams Family and The Craft are lined up for the rest of the week

  • My return to education I registered, attended orientation and started class all in the last week. Our first class was great and I’m so excited to get crackin! #NCIRLdigital

  • The Dart. I don’t get the DART (dort) very often, but last Saturday I had a very early college orientation which I got the Dart to. I’m not great with mornings, and usually take about 2 hours to realise I’m no longer asleep and this is not a dream. This point in the journey snapped me out of my agro state of mind and brought me back to the present. “Isn’t this lovely!” I thought to myself, along with “Sure where would ye be with a bell on your bike…”.

  • Love is like Oxygen The clothes, the hair, the moves. It’s amazing, as is the next video – Amazing by Hi Fashion.