The closing of Tripod Crawdaddy The Odeon Bar and The Lower Deck

February 13, 2012 in Blog, Irish Daily Star

It was reported in The Sunday Times yesterday that Tripod, Crawdaddy, The Odeon Bar and The Lower Deck all closed their doors over the weekend.

With a number of upcoming gigs still selling tickets on their website, it is unclear whether they will be cancelled or relocated.

The Lower Deck will be converted into a pool hall and will no longer play host to smaller independant gigs. The pub upstairs will remain open.

The folk behind Flannery’s Pub on Camden St will be taking over the 24,000 sq. ft complex. There’s talk of it becoming one large nightclub to rival Copper Face Jack’s, but is that really what Harcourt St really needs? We’ll be keeping a close eye on that one.

Many people have commented that this announcement isn’t a massive surprise since Tripod’s heyday has long since come and gone. It’s not often you would see the same calibre of crowds outside the venue on a Saturday night.

Le Cool have started the call to remember our favourite memories on Twitter using the tag #pod. It’s now trending, and it’s well worth trawling through the responses. Here’s a few that stood out to us. Bonus points for referring to it as the Redbox.

Image of Mongo at Tripod/Crawdaddy by Lucia Mather Photography