Starplus Shots: Panti for president!

September 30, 2011 in Irish Daily Star

1: Don’t be a knit-wit – volunteer!
Knit-a-thons have been running accross the country as part of the National Day of Volunteers. We hope it went well and with the weather turning as we speak, there’ll be mittens all round! For more details see

2: Aqua release new single
Aqua, the band who brought us Barbie Girl and Turn Back Time, have recorded a new album, due for release on October 3. “Playmate To Jesus” is the second official single from their new album Meglomania.

3: Cutest Video EVER
Mommy cat hugs her kitten having a nightmare….

4: Antoine Dodson Arrested
Remember the guy from the Bed Intruder song? Well he’s been arrested. Read all about it over on Perez and remind yourself why you love the guy in the first place with the video below.

5: The Presidential elections 2011
The race to the Aras is on, and the creativity of some people’s photoshop skills knows no bounds.

Michael D Higgins as Gollum

6: Bridesmaids bonus feature: Longest argument ever
One of the longest and most random slagging matches ever. They’re in talks now about whether a sequel would work. If it is anything like the first then it’ll be amazing.

7: Do the KenDro
This X-Factor duo have been trending on Twitter all weekend. Check out their their original song performed on the second day of bootcamp. (via YouTube)

8: The Kanyu Tree
The Kanyu Tree are gearing up for the release of their debut album ‘People Street’ – and the Galway trio want you to join them for an online listening party on on Tuesday October 4 at 7pm. And if you have any questions (or requests) tweet them to the band @thekanyutree.

The Kanyu Tree – Slow on MUZU.TV