Starplus Shots: DJ Cat

October 25, 2011 in Irish Daily Star

1: DJ Cat needs to scratch
Keeping in the spirit of pets having alter egos (see Halloween costumes for furry friends), allow your cat to unleash their inner DJ with this new scratching post. Allow your feline to use something other than your furniture to mark their territory, exercise their muscles and enjoy themselves. (via Suck) (photo via Lucia Mather)

2: TOWIE star Billie Faiers viciously attacked by 10-girl gang attack (via Daily Mail)

3: Angry Birds in the Wild
Last week it was reported that Angry Birds costs the Economy $1.5 million per year, from people playing the addictive game in work. We thought these pictures were a nice reminder that it’s only a game… or is it? (via Mohamedraoof)

4: Hawk shot with nail gun eludes rescue
A wildlife group in California have been trying for three days to rescue a red-tailed hawk that appears to have been shot in the head with a nail gun. The bird seemed to be in relatively good health, despite the obvious injury, and was spotted tucking into a gopher. (via SanDiego)

5: New Photoshop un-blur feature revealed
The smarties over at Adobe have revealed a new algorithm that, through the magic of hard -sums, will un-blur blurred photos! Never again will you cry over the photographic memories lost through the moving of rubbish camera phones. Rainn Wilson helps them introduce this new mind blowing technology. (via DigitalTrends)