POP at the Fringe Festival – Guaranteed to make you blush

September 14, 2012 in Blog, Irish Daily Star

POP is like being at a really strange party where suddenly everyone ends up playing the most extreme version of truth or dare known to man.

It questions how much we of ourselves we share with others. In this social media age it takes a lot to us make us embarrassed. How far will you go to avoid having to leave the party?

For the show/game, participants battle it out to remain the last man standing through a series of embarrassing questions and tasks. No clothes are permitted for the duration. If you become too embarrassed, you must put a paper bag over your head for the remainder of the round.

It has everything you would expect from a successful Fringe show – underwear, fake blood, glitter, audience participation (voluntary) and an egg and spoon race.

We predict the spin-off board game will sweep the nation.

To buy tickets see FringeFest.com

(originally posted on Starplus.ie)