Midnight jam @ Cork’s Camden Palace Hotel

May 29, 2016 in Body Painting

Our last jam in Cork’s Camden Palace Hotel was bittersweet. We wanted the last jam to mirror the first, so it started at midnight, and finished early on Sunday morning.

After the dust had settled we sat around, tired and covered in paint and talked about how it all started, and how body painting has changed our lives.

The first time I ever did a full body painting was 2011 in Cork, and since then it has changed my life to the point that I am now a full time body painter.

I owe them everything, and in particular the man behind the magic – Art Davey. Grand marshal, head honcho, chief cook and bottle washer – whatever you call him, he IS body painting Cork. While it is now run by a committee (of which I am a member), it is still Dave at the heart of the operation. And we can’t wait to see where our new home will be in Cork, after the tragic closing of our first home.