Irish Burning Man Decompression: Smokin’ Craic!

November 16, 2012 in Blog

Tired but happy the morning after

Every country represented at the American festival Burning Man holds a local mini festival called Decompression, for people to reconnect after the desert sun has become a faded memory.

Charleville Castle

This Saturday the Irish Burners will congregate at Charleville Castle, Co. Offaly to relive the festival’s ideals of radical inclusion and bring in the newbs.

There’ll be DJs and bands throughout the night, but it’s everyone else that you’ll remember the most.

Attendees are asked to join in, make art, gift others, look after themselves, and others.

The idea is everyone participates in creating the experience. In previous years people have brought enough oranges for sharing, tequila and pickle juice shots, and rubber ducks.

There is always more fire performers than you can shake a glow stick at, and there will be a real temple to burn in the middle of the night, just before the cold starts to reach your bones.

I’d recommend you pack boots, thermals, face paint and whatever you’re havin’ yourself…