Have a happy anti-Valentines Day

February 14, 2012 in Blog, Irish Daily Star

While the rest of the population prepares for a day of loved-up sickly sweet gooey-ness, we are full steam ahead with our anti-valentines day plans. So whether you’re single, away from your other half, or just rebelling against the traditional corporate Hallmark sentiment, let us guide you through our favourite non-soppy activities for the night.

Ritualistic boyfriend/girlfriend bonfires

Remember that episode of Friends where the girls make a ritual bonfire of the belongings of ex-boyfriends to break the cycle of bad ex-boyfriends? We DO NOT encourage you make your own, unless supervised by experienced health and safety professionals. All the same, spending the evening setting fire to an ex’s belongings can be rather cathartic…

NO listening to Adele’s Someone Like You and crying while eating ice-cream straight from the tub

It may be tempting, but even Adele didn’t do that – and she now has a Grammy to show for it.

Crank it right up

Compiled by the staff at the Irish Daily Star, blast our playlist as loud as the neighbours will allow and dance around like a lunatic. For bonus points – do it in your underwear. We guarantee you will no longer be in the mood for Adele. For a more hardcore playlist covering the more extreme angry/shouty scale of emotions look no further than our Alanis Morisette playlist here.


After you are all tuckered out from the dancing, settle in with a good horror movie. My Bloody Valentine is one option in keeping with the day. Otherwise we recommend Boy Eats Girl or Evil Dead 2, for a more zombie themed evening.

Misery and David McSavage

Tonight Le cool and Open Air Cinema will be bring us the delightful Cathy Bates as presented by David McSavage in The Sugar Club. If your into torture then this could be right up your street, on both counts. Check the Facebook event here, tickets on the door.

Couples piercing, just like Daria and Trent

Nothing says ‘I love you, but I am anti-establishment’ like getting his and hers piercings. The good folk at A.W.O.L tattoos in Galway are doing a two-for-one deal all day. Ask for Áine, and tell her we sent you.

Bake voodoo gingerbread men/women

Vent any anger against that non-special person in your life through the medium of voodoo gingerbread men. Exorcise your demons, then stuff your face as you decide which appendage gets the chop first. Two birds, one stone.

Don’t forget about man’s best friend

Treat the dog that loves you unconditionally by allowing them to chew on a love rat. These love rats from Neatorama make wonderful chew toys for the dog in your life. Note: dog/love rat may or may not refer to animals/persons. (See image at top)