Halloween and Cosplay costumes: Part 3

October 29, 2011 in Halloween, Irish Daily Star

Amy King from Cosplay Ireland

Cosplay is where people dress up as specific charaters from comic books, anime, video games, etc. Most cosplayers hand-make their own costumes and try to recreate as closely as possible their character. Their is an entire sub-culture of people who partake in cosplay and live-action-role-playing (LARP). The scene in Ireland is relatively small, but strong, attending conventions across Ireland throughout the year. For more info see Cosplay Ireland.

Everyone’s seen pictures from a Comic-Con, online. The patrons always go above and beyond when it comes to dressing-up for the event. The event began in 1974 with comic books, science fiction/fantasy, and film/television but has expanded to include many elements of pop culture, such as horror, animation, anime, and video games.

Since for cosplayers, dressing up is a hobby not simply reserved for Halloween, they tend to have the best costumes. Here’s our round up of some of the best costumes from conventions all over the world.

Lego man (via Instructables)

Super Mario Bros – Princess Toadstool (via GreatestCosplay)

World of Warcraft (via Dorkly)

Gamer swimsuit by black milk

Fear that you’ve lost your man to the dark side? Regain his full attention with this Game Boy swimsuit. He’ll be saying WOW for an entirely different reason now. (via Black Milk)

Call of Duty: Black Ops (via Agent M Loves Tacos)

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII (via rawrnagoesrawr)

Harajuku girls at @rcade con in Dublin: Fiona and Mimi Nguyen

Avatar (via Painted Girls)