Facebook ads for dummies Part 1: Why should my brand be on Facebook?

November 20, 2012 in Digital Marketing

The benefit to advertising on Facebook is that whatever your target market, you can find them there amongst the 2.2million Irish users.

“Like omg EVERYONE is sooo on Facebook!”

Facebook allows you to pick and choose any criteria you like to target your ads. Say your target market is school boys who speak Irish, and like GAA, boxing, rugby and read Irish language newspapers. Facebook allows you to input those specific terms and only show your ad to those selected. How genius is that?

By advertising this way, you only pay for the likes your page actually receives, so you can see a quantifiable return on your ad.

You can put up ads directly for external websites, but they are expensive, and in my opinion not worth the money.

With an ad for your website, they may click then leave 3 seconds later, and you will still be charged. Or they may really like your site, but never remember to visit it again.

If people like your page, you can update them repeatedly with the latest goings-on at your brand. You have some extended future value in this case.

Funny Facebook ad

Facebook users are more likely to ‘like’ something that they actually like!

Realistically though, if you don’t have an engaging and relevant Facebook page, all the Facebook fans in the world isn’t going to sell more of your product.