Facebook ads for dummies Part 3: Sponsored stories

December 18, 2012 in Digital Marketing

Facebook sponsored story lube funny

Sponsored/promoted stories are where you pay Facebook for particular posts from your page to come up in the news feed of your fans, AND their friends.

This is genius. It emulates the ‘viral’ attribute of Facebook. If your friend likes the page ‘Walk of shame?…More like the walk of fair play to ya!!“, Facebook will offer you the same privilege, but only if they paid for it.

The ads interrupt your newsfeed, which means they are suitable for the growing number of mobile users, who would not otherwise see standard ads.

This means that if you have one friend who ‘likes’ everything, then you are bound to be bombarded with ads.

If your content is particularly interesting, then you can achieve the same result. Paying for sponsored stories makes your post appear MORE in people’s feed, it will appear in some fans’ feed anyway.

Last year, they made a move to encourage businesses to migrate their business profiles over to pages by increasing the impression rate for pages.

But in the last few weeks/months Facebook has been showing less and less page posts in people’s feeds, to encourage us to pay for promotion.

What next?