Facebook ads for dummies Part 2: basic how to guide

December 11, 2012 in Digital Marketing

I’d recommend you set up a ‘like my page’ ad to start with. Once you have the basics down you’ll be running rings round it and ready to dabble in the more daunting ‘advanced options’ and sponsored stories.

  1. Create a Facebook fan page.
  2. Go to your page, at the bottom of the right hand side you will see a mock up ad for your page. Click on that.
  3. Your can upload a picture, or default to your profile pic. Add some text to really sell your page. These components can make or break your ad. If the campaign isn’t going well, try changing them. What will reach out to your audience?

    Funny Facebook ads George W Bush

    Think about who your target audience is, and how to reach them.

  4. You should know your audience. Not only can you select users according to standard demographics, but also specialist interest areas.
  5. The country field is mandatory.
  6. Precise interests – Select some general interests from the predictive suggestions. If no suggestion comes up as you type, then it may not be a recognised interest, but you would struggle to find one unlisted. These selections include one or the other, so the more you add, the more people you will reach.
  7. Broad categories – This can be left blank, and if selected ALL will be in that category. If you have specialised interests already specified, you can probably skip this one.
  8. Friends of connections –
  9. As you input these details the total number of reachable users is displayed in the right hand column.
  10. When you’re starting off, paying for each ‘like’ is the best guarantee of money well spent. This is called PPC and is explained in more detail here.
  11. Input your daily budget. If you set day one as quite low, you can see how it goes, and adjust your settings if you don’t see the results you want. The suggested starting point is €10, and that sounds about right to me.

Good Luck!