Backstage at The Voice of Ireland with head make up artist Lisa O’Connor

April 20, 2012 in Blog, Irish Daily Star

We went back stage at The Voice of Ireland to talk to Lisa O’Connor, the head make up artist, and see where she takes her inspiration for the looks on the show.

Lisa explained how she works with the artists themselves, along with the stylists and hair stylists to come up with a look that works with the song choice as well as allowing them to feel comfortable up on stage. They need to find a middle ground, where everyones happy.

This isn’t really the forum for contestants to reinvent themselves every week, since they’re essentially selling themselves as a brand for the duration of the show. Remember Katy Waisel’s constant reinvention? No one knew who she was by the end of it all!

Lisa has her own make up brand called Warpaint, which she uses a lot on the show. She also uses MAC products, in particular their pigments which come across really well on tv.

Sharon Corr, recently voted Ireland’s most stylish woman by VIP magazine readers, was the one who introduced Lisa to Urban Decay’s glitter eye liners. Sharon’s style has evolved since her days in The Corrs, and this extends to her make up too.

“I grew up with The Corrs, and The Corrs defined what a smokey eye is all about, which isn’t black eyeliner – it’s all about a smoked kind of no edge to eye shadow.”

Kathryn Thomas has upped the style stakes as the presenter of the show. Known for her love of a smokey eye, and as Lisa says “if it suits you – stick with it”. After paring it back in week one, they returned what she does best.

We asked how some of the boys on the show felt about the prospect of wearing make up for the first time. Some of them had issues at the beginning, but once they saw the difference it made to how they look, they were all fine with it.

When you’re working with men “you’re serving a purpose, it’s nothing creative”, but with the girls “they like to experiment so it’s a little bit of fun each week”.

We saw Brian have a facial with contestant Sinéad Fox, bringing out his inner metrosexual, but Lisa said “I think it’s a little bit more out there than people are willing to admit.”

“It’s quite a strong light with a red tone that’s in it which is kind of a saving grace with skin tone you get away with a lot more. obviously you have to keep things to a certain extent matte so the one area that you can play up would be probably eyes and the one area that always seems to come across well on TV is that little bit of sparkle”

“You’ll always know my work by there’s always that little bit of sparkle on it, and if i could get away with it on the guys i would – there’s always next week!”