Ant and Dec back to wreck the mic with Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble

March 25, 2013 in Blog, Irish Daily Star

It was an unremarkable Saturday evening and Shreck had just finished over on RTE. The nation seemed to be flicking the channels to see what would kill some time – but no one could have know what was in store for the lucky viewing public.

Then, as if by magic, the 90s appeared.

Some of the many bands from The Big Reunion appeared on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away.

Not much makes us happier than bands reforming and performing live to remind us of their former careers – before appearing in OK magazine became a full time profession. Apparently the rest of the country agrees.

5ive, Blue, and Atomic Kitten were performing some kind of megamix of their hits – tremendous news. The surprise came when they finished and out arrived the boys: Ant and Dec and their alter-egos “PJ & Duncan“.

And it was beautiful…

[youtube id=”yjXZmtg7GwI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The same energetic dance moves, the same oversized clothes – the boys were ready to wreck the mic alright.

Since possibly the greatest TV moment of this decade, the track itself has gone straight to number four in the charts, through iTunes sales alone – beating One Direction and Taylor Swift, and smashing their original 1994 peak of number nine.

So pick up a digital copy of your youth today with this 90s classic – be sure to team it with some some X-Worx jeans and a rachel haircut.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (100% Radio Mix) - Ant & Dec: The Essential Collection