11 Halloween accessories you need

October 11, 2011 in Halloween, Irish Daily Star

The only problem with living on this island of ours is that shipping can take a bit longer from Timbuktu. This Halloween if you want to stand out from the crowd, do your homework now and order all your one-of-a-kind frills online. Not only will you save in the long run, but it won’t leave you in the 2 hour queue outside the Joke Shop saturday afternoon, only to find the only thing they have left is the second half of a cow costume left.

1: Skull Cameo Broaches as seen above (via Matoloki Cushions)

2: Vampire necklace (via Fable and Fury)

3: Handmade lashes (via Spirys)

4: Glow-in-the-dark skeleton boots (via Plasticland)

Skeleton boots

5: Day of the Dead horns (via Bubbles And Frown)

horns fascinator

6: Pumpkin crochet fingerless mittens (via TwinkieChan)

twinkie chan pumpkin mittens

7: Skull fascinator (via Pearls and Swine)

Pearls and swine skull fascinator

8: Meat cleaver necklace (via CherryLoco)

meat cleaver necklace

9: spider ring (via ElizabethKhoury)

10: Sugar skull hairband (via Janinebasil)

sugar skull headband

11: Aarrghhhh Necklace (via Tatty Devine)

Argh necklace